Sand Filtration Basins

Sand filtration basins effectively remove sediment (total suspended solids), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and fecal coliform bacteria. They improve the quality of stormwater by passively filtering out sediment while allowing clean water to run through the system.

A sand filtration basin consists of multiple chambers that function to filter the water. The first basin removes heavy elements such as sediment using gravity where the heavier particles settle to the bottom of the chamber. The second chamber uses sand as the filter. The water runs through a sand bed and the sand traps moderate sized particles. The final chamber is where the filtered water drains into the stormwater system on the project site.

Sand filtration basins are great because they do not require a lot of space on your project site. They can be installed when the terrain is less than ideal and can be installed retroactively. There are three general sand filtration basin designs, which are called the Austin Sand Filtration, Washington, D.C. Sand Filtration and Delaware Sand Filtration.

Environmental Allies collaborate with you to rehabilitate or maintain a sediment filtration basin that is responsive to your needs and budget. Our experts can replace sand filtration basin components, including sand. We have developed a unique method for sand replacement that is faster and more cost efficient than traditional methods.

We perform quarterly and monthly maintenance including tree pruning, mowing and selective vegetation removal. Our employees are trained and experts with municipal requirements, including the City of Austin. Contact our experts to learn more.