Detention Ponds & Drainage Channels

Environmental Allies has trained consultants that are accomplished with rehabilitating detention ponds and drainage channels. There is not a type of channel, pond or swale that we have not developed cost effective solutions. Some of our services include:

  • Flow Line Dip Out

Our field consultants will remove debris to improve the performance of the flow line.

  • Desiltation

We remove accumulated sediment to the original grade (contour) of your pond or channel so that it returns to optimal functionality with full capacity.

  • Slope Paving Repair

Slope protection is provided through concrete, either poured or interlocking concrete panels, or the placement of riprap along the entire slope. The concrete prevents erosion by physically holding the soil in place and reducing the amount of unwanted vegetative growth.

  • Slope Rehabilitation

Slope rehabilitation repairs erosion damage along an existing slope such as those found leading to a pond or channel.

  • Outfall Pipe Repair

Outfall pipes deteriorate over time or under certain conditions that cause cracks, cave-ins, crushed pipes or exposed pipes due to erosion. We have the skill set to assess the damage, determine the cause and propose an effective solution regardless of your budget.

  • Outfall Interceptor Repair

Interceptor traps clog over time and we remove the debris so that it returns to full functionality

  • Reconnaissance and Site Evaluation

We will perform a site visit and provide an inventory of detention ponds and drainage channels. Unlike an inspection, a reconnaissance or site evaluation is broader in scope to include recommendations of possible retrofit options and potential improvements to enhance your stormwater drainage facilities in the future.

  • Erosion Control

We are experts at erosion control and there are a myriad of successful methods, including BMPs. Most erosion control is a physical barrier that prevents soil loss until vegetation is established. This includes erosion control matting, seeding, and slope protection.

Water is a dynamic force and over time can weaken slopes and channels. Bank stabilization corrects and strengthens the banks of a pond or channel. Some common examples include riprap, terraced retaining walls, interlocking vegetated block system and revetments.

Our consultants love finding a way to say “yes.” We work tirelessly to find solutions for your difficult projects and relish providing solutions for your everyday needs. Contact one of our consultants today to learn how our detention ponds and drainage channels services can meet your needs while exceeding your expectations.