Stormwater Quality Services

Environmental Allies understands and is passionate about all things relating to stormwater. Local government agencies, such as the City of Austin, City of Houston or Harris County, have created stormwater quality regulations to ensure development within their jurisdiction maintains the current water quality. We pride ourselves in the ability to stay abreast of local regulatory requirements so you don’t have to.

Environmental Allies offers the following stormwater quality services:

  • Local government permitting, both initial and annual renewals
    • Post construction notification

We prepare and submit the post construction notifications that notify the municipalities the stormwater facilities function in accordance with the as-built plans. Some municipalities require the transmission of an affidavit for the condition of the stormwater system with the annual renewal.

  • Stormwater Quality Management Plan (SQMP) creation and updates

Our team collaborates with you to create a Stormwater Quality Management Plan (SQMP). We also know when a revision (update) is triggered so you can be assured that we will be there when you need us.

  • Inspections with detailed monthly reports

Our experts perform inspections of controls listed in your SQMP and report the findings using our proprietary form that makes it easier to track.

  • Reconnaissance or Site Evaluation

We will perform a site visit and provide an inventory of outfall pipes. Unlike an inspection, a reconnaissance or site evaluation is broader in scope to include recommendations of possible retrofit options and potential improvements to enhance your SQMP in the future.

  • Stormwater system maintenance
    • Desilting

We remove accumulated sediment to the original grade of your system so that it returns to optimal functionality.

    • Flow line dip out

Our field consultants will remove debris to improve the performance of the flow line.

    • Outfall pipe repair

Outfall pipes deteriorate over time or under certain conditions that cause cracks, cave-ins, crushed pipes or exposed pipes due to erosion. We have the skill set to assess the damage, determine the cause and propose an effective solution regardless of your budget.

    • Outfall pipe interceptor

Interceptor traps clog over time and we remove the debris so that it returns to full functionality.

    • Vegetation management and maintenance [link to vegetation mgmt and maint page]
  • Turf establishment, mowing and fertilization [link to turf establishment page]
  • Rehabilitation services
    • Installation of features

We install stormwater features such as drainage structures, channel features and pond features to control erosion and filter sediment and contaminants from stormwater. [insert link to Detention Ponds & Drainage Channels or to the Resources page]

    • Feature repair

Stormwater features deteriorate and there comes a point when routine maintenance is no longer enough to extend the life of the feature. We offer numerous repair options depending on your site-specific field conditions.

    • Erosion control
  • Grading and Slope Repair

Erosion can undermine the stability of a slope with undercutting , the use of the wrong base material or a slope that is too steep. Undercutting eventually results in the collapse of the slope where material slides down the slope before resting at the base. The wrong base material for the site conditions can cause slippage where the soil at the top of the slope slides down to the base. We have the experience necessary to offer multiple solutions from regrading slopes to installing erosion control features that corrects and prevents slope failure.

  • Sinkhole repair

Sinkholes occur when soft rock, like limestone, dissolves over time in areas with karst terrain. The foundation erodes away and the surface collapses under its own weight creating a hole. Sinkholes can also appear when buried water pipes burst or a tank collapses. The foundation becomes unstable and the surface soil drops to fill the void. We repair the most common type of sinkholes encountered in Texas.

Customer satisfaction is the only thing we love more than providing stormwater services. We have developed close relationships with inspectors and regulators throughout the years of performing stormwater quality services, which means you receive exactly what you need to obtain and maintain your permits. Our consultants are available to discuss your next project.

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