Vegetation Management & Maintenance

Environmental Allies has honed their expertise to become proficient and efficient in performing vegetation management and vegetation maintenance. We offer cradle to grave services including:

  • Mowing

Mowing is cutting vegetation to a specific height at regular intervals throughout the year.

  • Wet Bottom Mowing

Wet Bottom Mowing is the process of mowing in an area with standing water, such as a channel, swale or retention pond. We understand when and how to mow in wet conditions to avoid long-term damage to vegetation.

  • Tree Pruning

Trees need to be pruned regularly to remove dead or diseased limbs and to discourage unwanted growth patterns.

  • Fence Line Pruning

We offer fence line pruning that thins or removes vegetation along a fence line or designated divider between land uses or property boundaries.

  • Vegetation Removal and Selective Vegetation Removal (noxious and invasive species)

We identify noxious and invasive species and selectively remove them in order to allow native vegetation to grow unimpeded. We can also remove vegetation to mimic the natural cyclical vegetative growth cycle.

  • Herbicide application

Our trained gurus apply herbicide based on your long-term goals. Herbicides chemically kill vegetation to the roots.

Overseeding is applying grass seed onto a vegetated area. It is used to fill-in the existing vegetation.

Fertilizer delivers nutrients directly to vegetation. We offer many options, including organic varieties, to meet your needs

Compost delivers nutrients directly to soil. We offer many options to meet your needs.

Sinkholes occur when soft rock, like limestone, dissolves over time in areas with karst terrain. The foundation erodes away and the surface collapses under its own weight creating a hole. Sinkholes can also appear when buried water pipes burst or a tank collapses. The foundation becomes unstable and the surface soil drops to fill the void. We repair the most common type of sinkholes encountered in Texas.

Slope rehabilitation repairs erosion damage along an existing slope such as those found leading to a pond or channel. Some common examples include riprap, terraced retaining walls, interlocking vegetated block system, erosion control matting, hydroseeding and revetments.

Environmental Allies takes pride in offering a complete vegetation management package or select services depending on your needs. We have the seasoned staff necessary to handle difficult or less than ideal site conditions. Contact us today to learn more.