Turf Establishment

Environmental Allies offers numerous erosion control measures including turf establishment and erosion control matting. We focus on soil erosion control and have a highly responsive team that will work with you to develop solutions regardless of the degree of difficulty on your site. We provide a 1 year guarantee on turf and sod establishment services.

Services we offer include:

  • Sod installation

Sod is mature grass that is grown on what is called sod farms and transplanted to the barren site. Sod provides instant vegetative cover and immediately starts developing the root system.

  • Broadcast seeding

Broadcast seeding is a traditional method where the grass seed is distributed across a large area onto prepared soil.

  • Overseeding

Overseeding is applying grass seed onto a vegetated area. It is used to fill-in the existing vegetation.

  • Dry Application Seeding

Seed distributed by hand or smaller machines to prepared soil is dry application seeding. It is similar to broadcast seeding but used for smaller areas, generally less than half an acre.

Hydroseeding is a combination of seed, mulch, and other binding agents that are sprayed onto the slope and protects from erosion until the seeds can germinate into a protective vegetative cover. Most hydroseeding has a green dye to ensure even coverage.

Hydromulch is a combination of mulch and binding agents that is sprayed onto a slope to protect the soil until native vegetation can grow. The vegetation will naturally hold sediment in place and minimize the amount of erosion.

  • Fertilization and Compost (including organic options)

Fertilizer and compost deliver nutrients directly to vegetation and soil. We offer many options, including organic varieties, to meet your needs.

Sinkholes occur when soft rock, like limestone, dissolves over time in areas with karst terrain. The foundation erodes away and the surface collapses under its own weight creating a hole. Sinkholes can also appear when buried water pipes burst or a tank collapses. The foundation becomes unstable and the surface soil drops to fill the void. We come to your site to understand the conditions, develop a solution and repair the most common type of sinkholes encountered in Texas.

Environmental Allies can develop a plan that is responsive to your needs and budget. Our seasoned consultants have experienced just about every problem you could imagine and we love transferring that knowledge to our clients so they can avoid issues before they become problems. Contact us to discuss your needs and learn about our services.