New Houston Office

Amanda Guinn Mayberry - Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Did you hear the big news?

Here at Environmental Allies, there is an emphasis on innovation, collaboration, knowledge, and achievement within our team. It's prevalent in our daily interactions with our customers. It's an essential part of our company culture. In fact, as you walk into our conference room, you will notice the enlarged metal words: Integrity, Wisdom, Loyalty, Dream Big.

Environmental Allies measures our success on these values and our team members not only believe in them, but also exhibit those traits daily. After nearly 7 years in our current headquarters, we have cultivated top talent and expanded our team; we've broadened our service areas to include the Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas-Fort Worth areas and opened 2 additional office locations. (You can read all about our recent expansion into the DFW area here.) We've developed more products and increased our service offerings. 

In other words, we have stayed true to the "Integrity, Wisdom, Loyalty, Dream Big " principles.

It is in that spirit that we excitedly announce that our Houston headquarters will be moved to a larger and more advanced work space. The new office has been specifically designed to foster our mission and values. We're looking forward to open work areas, collaborative conference spaces that will maximize engagement and productivity, and even more room to grow.

To our customers: thank you for your confidence in Environmental Allies. We thank you for making this advancement possible and we are confident that our new office space will allow us to provide you with top quality erosion control products and services- both now and in the future. We look forward to supporting your erosion control needs for years to come!

Our new billing address and Houston office location will be:

Environmental Allies
9730 Windfern Road
Houston, TX 77064


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