Inspections at a Glance

- Thursday, December 17, 2015

Storm water discharges from construction activities can significantly impact water quality. In layman’s terms, as storm water flows over a construction site, it can pick up pollutants like debris, sediment and chemicals and transport them to nearby storm sewer systems or directly into lakes, rivers or coastal waters. Having your site inspected weekly and immediately after a storm event can help control pollutants in storm water discharges and can help you stay compliant with regulatory requirements.

What do inspections accomplish?

  • Inspections help assure that the required BMPs have been installed on the site.
  • Inspections identify if a BMP requires maintenance (i.e. are the perimeter controls, like silt fence, adequately installed and undamaged by construction activity).
  • Inspections help identify whether or not recent construction activity has changed the grading of the site and therefore created a need for new or different control measures.


Austin inspector Andrew inspects rock gabions on a White Construction jobsite immediately following a major rain event.

  • Inspections identify if discharge points are free of sediment deposits.
  • Inspections identify if the construction entrance/exit is preventing sediment from being tracked into the street.
  • Inspections identify whether or not washout facilities are available, clearly marked and maintained.


These are just a few of the things our inspectors look for when inspecting a construction site, all of which is done in an effort to meet regulatory guidelines. After an inspection, our inspectors consult with the Superintendent or Project Manager to discuss the needs of the jobsite. Inspection notes and recommended maintenance, if any, is then recorded in the SWPPP book and reviewed by construction site management.

Austin inspector Micah walks a Structura jobsite in San Antonio.

What happens when environmental violations are found? TCEQ can explain:

Environmental Allies has the trained experts familiar with general storm water permits, ready to help you keep your site compliant. If you are looking for site inspections, detailed regular reports, or would like more information, please call 281-442-4112 or visit our website,